How to hide task of other user's assigned task?

For example, there are 3 users A,B and C. But all the users can see each others tasks. If there is a scenario A got 10 tasks, B got 5 and C got only 2 tasks. So, For C all those other’s 15 tasks are irrelevant. I know, C can see the tasks in My Tasks that’s quietly fair. But there could be such tasks that we don’t might to disclose with each other. Plus it would be better if user’s can see only their assigned tasks. Is there any options so that assigned users could only see their own tasks not others?

If A, B and C are part of the same project in Asana, the Asana philosophy is that they can all see each other tasks (to be able to collaborate). If you want tasks to be private, don’t put them in a project.

Alright, one last thing I need to know is their any way to make certain tasks private?

I believe there is no way to make one task private within a project that is not… @moderators am I correct?

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Hi @Tejveer_Singh, thanks for reaching out!

Tasks created in My Tasks default to private tasks in no project with no Collaborators. Then you can assign the task or add collaborators and only those users will have access to the private task.

If you add a task to a public project, this will automatically make it public to everyone in your Organization. You are right @Bastien_Siebman, it’s currently not possible to make a task private within a public project.

I hope this helps! let me know if you have more questions!

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This sounds like the opposite of a solution… there are plenty of practical reasons why users should not be viewing each other’s tasks, not the least of which involve protecting the intellectual property in the development and product strategy. This seems to be another roadblock that takes Asana out of the running as a contender for any kind of enterprise-level project management tool