Asana and Office 365

@Julien_RENAUD I typically use Chrome for Asana so I keep trying it on that browser and I just can’t get it to work. I’ve clear all of my cache and I’ve made sure that third party cookies are allowed as well. When I sign into Microsoft 365 the box disappears and nothing else happens. I’m wondering if this is on our end how we have OneDrive set up.


@TonyC is there any way to add a ‘search’ box? Would be incredibly helpful especially on some MS Sharepoint sites where there is a gigantic nested folder structure.

HI @Ben_Brenner, unfortunately we’re loading the interface for the picker via Microsoft’s SDK so they are in control of what is available on the UI there. It does not look like search capability is currently available, hopefully this will make it into a future version of the picker!

That’s a bummer, wonder if there is a feature request with Microsoft to improve that SDK.

We are also doing this. Thanks for sharing!