Document attachment with Onedrive (Sharepoint Document)


I’m using Asana and Office 365.
In Office 365 I created different groups.
Each groups have his document library.

When I want to attach a document in an asana task with the special link in the task I access to my personnal business files. Impossible to attach a files from a document library from a group.

I’m right ? If not please show me how to do that.

Great Addition to Outlook Integration

I believe @James_Carl is familiar with Office and can offer his advice! :slight_smile:


I don’t believe Asana works with SharePoint version of OneDrive. My understanding is whilst they may look similar they aren’t.

In File Manager or equivalent you should have a OneDrive Folder if you click on that this will show what files/folder Asana has access to, which I. Guessing are not the files you want.

In SharePoint in the directory that you files are located you should have a Sync or Make loal version. If you do this for one of the folder it will Not Appear under OneDrive Folder. It will appear somewhere else depending on how SharePoint has been configured.

I think the only way you can share the document via Asana would be attach it via this PC option and navigate to the synced folder. However this also might not work as it may have security key in the link which is linked to you and you PC.

Not sure if I have been helpful or not… If you would like I can send some screenshots to try and make it clearer.



Thanks for your answers.
I hope the integration with Asana and office 365 will be more develop soon.


Hi Benoit,
You can also attach a file from Outlook web mail. This only works in browser-based Outlook email, it works differently in your desktop Outlook client (more on that in the next option). When you attach a file from within Outlook web mail, you can grab files either from your OneDrive or Office 365 Groups document libraries. Once you specify the file(s) you want to attach, it then gives you an option to handle attachment as “attachments” or live links to the files (same as Copy Link above), but you can only attach files from OneDrive and Office 365 Groups, not other types of SharePoint sites. Thanks Amelia


What I Want to do is like Wrike integration for Outlook. We can access to all onedrive and sharepoint document site. Does Asana plan to do that ?


It does. If you sign in with an Office 365 account when you use the Attach from OneDrive feature, you see your personal OneDrive for Business folders.

What you don’t see is the option to select from other SharePoint libraries that your account has access to. The OneDrive file picker SDK does support this, but Asana doesnt implement it yet. This is what it should look like (and does look like in other apps like Trello):

Asana presents almost the same file picker, but with the left pane missing. That’s where you can pick from other SharePoint libraries instead of just your personal Library. If we could get that left pane in Asana, it would have almost full SharePoint/OneDrive for Business file integration.


@Alexis - any chance you can point the developer who implemented OneDrive in the direction of this post so s/he can take a look at the OneDrive docs and see what might need to happen to implement this?


Hi James - appreciate your enthusiasm on this! While I’m unable to bring in a developer, I’d be happy to move your post into our #productfeedback category. Please let me know if that would interest you.


Sure, go ahead. I wasn’t expecting a developer to respond here - I just want to make sure they’ve seen it.


If we could get the OneDrive file picker to pick from other SharePoint libraries, that would be great! Currently, the built-in OneDrive integration in Asana is not that useful.


Hi Jason,

Thanks for the insight! And I can confirm your proposed solution worked for me.

Our org uses the SharePoint version of OneDrive, and I faced the same issue. Solution:

Attach a File > Your Computer > “Synced OneDrive Folder” > “Select File” > Open

Of course… this created a static version of the file. So after team updates to the file, I had to re-download & sync to preserve a copy of the updated file on our OneDrive.

Very helpful tip.

Thank you


#productfeedback would be very useful to have onedrive file picker access sharepoint libraries associated with same Office 365 account. Wrike allows this.


Hi there - any progress on this?

Half an implementation is a little challenging.



@Alexis - any update or progress on this issue?

Killing enterprise customers with such a weak implementation.

Asana and Office 365

@Alexis and @James_Schlackman1
Yes please request this feature. OneDrive is great but Sharepoint would be ideal


If you want collaboration then the Sharepoint upload feature is a must. Please add it!


Hi @Alexis,

We highly request this feature aswell, please make it happen.
i like Asana, but i do not want to pay for Dropbox or use a google drive if i pay for Office 365,
that includes Sharepoint as the main filesystem.
Thank you


Asana Support, this topic and votes should have these merged in: Add support for MS SharePoint

This is needed functionality. SharePoint is an INTRA-net accessed only by people and partners of a SharePoint domain, so it is similar to Asana’s access structure. I don’t see great value in sharing from a Personal OneDrive for Business

Thank you.



Hope that we can get this feature soon!