Add support for MS SharePoint



Happy to see OneDrive support now. However, can you extend support to SharePoint Online please?

A large portion of our documents are created in Word/Excel/PowerPoint. We enjoy the document co-authoring functionality facilitated by storing documents in a SharePoint Online team site; one of the features included in our Office 365 subscription.

Asana native support for SharePoint Online would save us posting really long and ugly URLs to share and collaborate on our team documents. Thanks!


I completely agree. Our company is evaluating Asana and having this integration is crucial. Over the last 6 months or so, we have adopted shared documents/folders and TEAMS – but that’s not the same as OneDrive (implying it’s a personal - not shared - file). It is my understanding that the securing behind MS Sharepoint makes this tricky – but are working on it (at least that is what I heard). We are looking to use Asana to collaborate with our clients – and not having this solution risks us having multiple versions of files. Any tips/tricks you have to workaround this feature limitation would be greatly appreciated. thank you!



Organizations that use Office365 store their files in SharePoint Online, not in OneDrive, so supporting SharePoint as file storage is key.

Would love to see this feature added.


We use Sharepoint for document storage as well with our Office365 subscription and I’ve been trying to note the finalized file location in related tasks in Asana. However when I paste in the URL, the URL contains a : b : (without spaces) and that triggers Asana’s emoji coding and breaks my URL. Any solutions on a workaround for this?


This would be huge. Placing documents directly in Asana doesn’t really make sense. Being able to reference a document that already exists in your doc mgmt system (SharePoint) would really streamline the usability.


Upvote! This is a big problem for our company that needs to comply with information security requirements and cannot store documents directly in Adana. I’ll dance at your daughters wedding if you can get this in place!


Is there any progress on this? Instead of focusing on dreaming big and features that will take years to come - how about implementing features that will enable workplace productivity today?

Failure to implement such small things is frankly contrary to the Asana vision.


You’ve even gone to the effort of integrating with Teams, and yet you don’t integrate with the main file management system that Teams is built on. Businesses simply don’t store files in OneDrive. Really need at least an update on this to know you’re at least working on it!


yes please add Sharepoint