Archive a Portfolio

Bug you’re experiencing: How the heck do I archieve a portoflio to make a new one for the next quarters OKRs???

Steps to reproduce: That’s the problem, no idea how to even do it

Browser version: Google Chrome

Upload screenshots below: NA

It doesn’t look like the feature currently exists, so it might be best to put this under product feedback.

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Hi @Sam_Leahey, sorry for the trouble. Sara is correct, at this time it is not possible to archive a Portfolio, but I understand that this would be a very useful feature. If you don’t mind, I’m moving your topic to our Feedback section so you and other users can vote for this feature request. :slight_smile:

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So it sounds like the idea of a Portfolio is to be a permanent thing instead of having different Portfolios per time periods, correct?

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Would really like to archive portfolios as well. Forcing us to continue using the same portfolio when archived projects are not hidden from view and when archived projects are included in the weekly portfolio emails makes this a huge pain.