Automate the organization & archiving of old projects?

Hello! I know this is not anything Asana can do via the rules or via Zapier, so I was hoping someone out there might have found a clever way to do this:

My team uses a portfolio to have a clean, high level view of of all of our projects. When we complete a project, has anyone found a way to automate the removal of the project from the portfolio after a specific amount of time (14 days for us), add the project to an “archived” portfolio, and then archive the project as a whole?


Hi @Jeffrey_Rega1 , welcome to the forum :wave:

You could apply a filter to your Portfolio (upper left area) to only show incomplete work, meaning that once a project is completed, it will be instantly hidden from the Portfolio’s list view.

Multi-filters are now available in portfolios so you could also filter out archived project too, or based on any other field available in the list, including any custom fields applied to your Portfolio.

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In addition to @Richard_Sather’s great reply, regarding all of your requests, including those not covered in that reply:

…you actually could do them all with Zapier or similar products with some effort with web requests to the Asana API.




@Richard_Sather Thank you! The filters work, but we’re looking for a way to automatically archive a project 14 days following it’s completion - not just hide it.

@lpb - I checked out the custom Zaps, and didn’t see ARCHIVE as one of the items in the drop down there. If you’re referring to coding something, I’d be out of my depth there - but would certainly be interested in learning more!


Yes, this would require some coding.