Auto archive projects

Just an idea - it would be cool to be able to auto archive projects that have had no activity after a set amount of time. Even better, let the user decide that time frame.


At the moment in Asana nothing really happens automatically like this. The only way to cover your use case would be to have rules at the project level (I hope they release it!) and then have a trigger “nothing happened for X days”.

From a project management standpoint, I don’t personally see any use case where you want to archive something automatically. You want instead to be notified because something might be happening…

Just FYI if you want to do this via a rule, we have an “Archive the task’s project” rule action in our Flowsana integration.

Thank you Bastien - I’ll admit its mostly for cleanup. We have all our staff on Asana and some users are more comfortable than others. We have lots of “projects” started and stopped or duplicate boards created. Its a learning curve for our teams.

Thank you Phil. I’ll take a look at Flowsana.

+1 to bake this in to asana

There is one case I can think of: projects that have no active tasks on them, but haven’t been archived as a result.

They’re still searchable even if archived, so I don’t see a problem if this happened automatically.

Samantha, curious if you had any success with the Flowsana automation? Wanted to check before I try it on.