Sending completed tasks (i.e., published web stories) automatically to an archive?

Asana newbie here – we’re still setting up – who wants to understand archiving better. I’ve read how you can archive Projects (although I’m still not sure where they go and where you can find them again if needed).
We will use Asana to manage mostly content creation and publication on two websites and a digital newsletter. The websites and newsletter will each be a Project, with individual stories being the Tasks. So when the story has gone through the workflow and been published (Completed), I’d like to be able to create a rule that the Task (story or post) would automatically be archived. But I want it to go to an archive that can be easily retrieved, searched, etc. (Our Social Media team, for example, now keeps a full archive of all its post for at least a year.) Should each team set up an Archive as a Reference Project within its team folders for this purpose? Or is Asana already doing this magically and I haven’t been able to see it yet? Thanks!

Hi @Susan_Hudson, and thanks for your question :wave:

Just an idea.

For your rule, instead of trying to archive a task (that is not a feature in Asana, only projects can be archived), you could just complete the task and move it to a dedicated section at the bottom of your project and that is folded by default. Then, it’s not in your way, and it’s easy to access when unfolding the section or via the search.

If you have the plan Business (or above), you can create a rule with multiple actions (Complete and move to section “Archived”).

Please let me know if you want more details.

Thanks for clarifying! So I can set up a Section called Archived within each project and create a rule for each Task when it’s completed: Complete and move to section Archived? That sounds like it will work for us.

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Yes exactly :wink:

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