Apple Watch app

I moved to ToDoist when I realized this was never going to get added to the Asana ecosystem. Such a shame Asana has stagnated over recent years. I’d probably come back if they had an Apple Watch app.

I used this video to set it up with Shortcuts and it works pretty well, I’d still love a native app though.

Hey Dev opps,
This is a no brainer for your next feature. It just makes sense. Let me know if you require a beta tester
Keep up the great work,

Another vote for an Apple Watch interface! That’s an essential feature for being able to add tasks on the go. Might be a deal breaker without it and I might just stick with Todoist.

Please Please Please make an apple watch integration. I love your product but have to switch to another one because I want my todos on my Apple watch. But all the other todo apps are really really bad. I don’t need to create or edit tasks. just show them on my watch and let me tick them off there. the rest I’ll do on my phone.

Asana, you really need to step up your effort to develop a watch app. This will greatly improve the app stickiness and be more useful to customers. Especially reminders of tasks due etc.