Android Push Notifications?


Yesterday, it was announced in the Asana blog that Android Push Notifications were now available, but there was no update in the Play store. When will these be released?

Clarifications RE: Android Push Notifications

Hi @Fred_Horrocks. The release should be available to you if you have a compatible device. The blog indicates – “Now with bundled push notifications, you can expand individual notifications for more details. You can even tap on a notification to go right to the task, project, or conversation in Asana. Swipe down or press on the caret at the top to expand an individual notification.
Please note: This feature is only available for Androids with Android N and Android watches.”

Perhaps the explanation for why you’re not seeing the notifications update is that you have an Android without Android N?


I would prefer if Android notifications cleared when you tap them to go to the Asana app. That seems to be the standard behavior for notifications from other apps, but with Asana notifications I have to tap the notification to go to the app, then pull it down again and clear it.


Is the push notification feature going to be made available to Android Marshamallow?


@Joseph_Cheeley we aren’t able to speak to this specifically yet, but I will present this suggestion to the team. Thanks!


@Alexis, thanks for your help w/ this board.

Is there a way to get push notifications the day of? I do a lot of agile management and things pop-up the day-of. I then have to reprioritize my task list (new task now due at 3 pm) that day and push notifications would be great for that.

Thanks for your help!


Hi @Andrew_Tawfik - I’m happy to help! While “Today” tasks do rise to the top of the My Tasks list on the day-of, we don’t have the day-of push notifications you describe. That said, I bet you could set something up with an Asana --> calendar integration --> push notifications using a tool like Zapier. Or you could get creative with the Asana API!


I am afraid push notifications do not work with me. I have a samsung galaxy s6 with andoid 7.0 and even if I enter a due date and a due time, i do not get any notification


Thanks for letting us know! I’ve reported this to my colleagues on the mobile team.


@Dimi3is I spoke to my collegues and it looks like this is expected behavior. While you won’t at this time get the types of notifications you’ve listed, you should get other kinds of notifications. We’re working on adding the notifications you’ve listed, but we don’t yet have a timeline.


Thank you very much!


I would also be very interested in such notifications as I do not get them either form the My Tasks or My Projects. I have to have the app open all the time to keep track despite setting date / time on the tasks of interest.


To join in with the questions… what about Push Notification for “conversations”. It doesn’t make a whole 'lotta sense to me that you’d have a conversation section, but not notify me when they happen. The whole point of conversation is to chat back and forth right? I need to get notified when someone leaves a message in the conversation thread. This is the only aspect of Asana that is keeping me away from integrating it into my business-to-client relationship process.


-Clarification on my above question-
I am speaking specifically about the conversations in Team Overview.
I am testing more with conversations in Projects, and I am getting notified of the initial posting, but all responses back and forth are not getting a push notification like the first one.