Question: Notifications


Hello, I am having issues with my mobile. I have both an android and IOS. On the Android the only Notification option is to turn the notifications on or off. And I am unable to locate the notification settings on the app itself for IOS.

What I am hoping for is to be able to select what I would like to be notified. ie: I want to be notified when I have a new task, but not the due dates. Is that possible??? However I would still like to receive notifications on my desktop of ALL new tasks and due dates.,…


Hi @Katherine_Delgado and welcome to the Forum!

As it stands, it’s not possible to personalize push notifications, you can either enable them all or disable them all. To learn more about what type of notifications are available have a look at this handy article:

To learn how to enable push notifications in iOS, have a look at and for Android :point_right:

Hope this helps!