Push Notifications on Android App



I’ve been unable to get Asana push notifications to work on my Android device. I’ve actually had this problem for more than a year, but we are starting to really get into some projects and I need the notifications to work now more than ever.

I’ve tried this on two different phones, LG G4 last year, and now actively use the Asana app on my Samsung Galaxy S8+. Email notifications do work.

I’ve tried:

  • Turning off and on notifications in the app settings
  • Ensuring the app and OS were up to date
  • Tried different types of notification triggers (assigning tasks, adding to team convos, etc)
  • Checked in System settings to ensure notifications were allowed for the app
  • Reinstalled the app
  • Tried adding widgets to the homescreen (albeit this was a long shot)

Anyone have any suggestions?


In general I have no issues with Android Notifications on Nexus 5 and Nexus 6p. I now have a Huawei P10 and am having some issues. The first problem I resolved was that the phone had a default power setting that closed all aps on screen lock except for Google Deafult and Huawei stock apps. Once I fixed that it worked fine.

Hope this helps.


Based on Jason_Woods answer, thank you for that!

For anyone who needs help specifically with Samsung (in my case the S8+) I fixed this by going to Settings, Device Maintenance, Battery, Scroll down and click on Unmonitored Apps, added Asana to that list


Glad that worked @Matt_Lawrence


Hi @Matt_Lawrence!

While I’m glad you were able to get an answer from @Jason_Woods about your Samsung specific issue, I did want to posit a bit of clarification on how our push notification work, in case other members are having trouble setting push notifications that they expect to be triggered by due date times that are set in Tasks.

This is because the Asana app will “only” generate Push notifications in the following cases:

  • Task Assigned to you by someone else
  • Task Unassigned from you by someone else
  • Task Promoted To the “Today” section (I will explain how this one works below, it might be an interesting one in your case)
  • Comments made by someone else
  • Task Completed by someone else
  • Conversation Added by someone else

Please note that a Task is promoted to the Today section only if it was previously under the Upcoming section as described in this article:

This is probably why folks won’t receive a notification when a task approaches its due date.

One workaround would be to move a task with a due date to the Upcoming section. Once you’ve done this, you will receive a notification when the task is due today. If the Upcoming section doesn’t appear on your device, you will need to mark a task as “Upcoming” via a computer on the Desktop version of Asana first: https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/my-tasks#gl-priority

Hope this helps to clarifies things for our mobile app users with regard to how our Push Notifications currently work!

If members fellow members of our community have a moment, I would encourage them to also take our mobile survey to let us know what features you would like to see in the next version of Asana Mobile:


As well as, of course, our Product feedback category within the community here:

While we can’t promise anything just yet, we do hope to have updates to this functionality in the near future. Hearing our community’s feedback is essential to bringing us closer to this reality :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!