Clarifications RE: Android Push Notifications



I’m looking for some clarification regarding push notifications for the Android mobile app. I have been using Asana as a business project manager with fantastic results for the last few months. I also use another Android task manager for personal matters. It seems that I was receiving notifications from Asana on my Android M phone, but with the new update they have stopped.

I’ve read the blog and scanned the community and see that it states that push notifications are now only for Android N devices. That said, the Asana Guide found at: makes no mention of the Android N requirement. I only find that little caveat as an “oh, by the way…” on the blog announcement. The guide seems to predate the new update although I could be mistaken about that.

I’m also a little frustrated that my current Android app has the “Notification Settings” menu with all the customization options available to me even though the push notifications aren’t enabled for my OS. As I mentioned in another post, it is confusing and unhelpful for an app to have enabled options for a feature unavailable to me. Grey it out or have a dialogue button that states these features aren’t available for this device. A set due date/time coupled with notifications enabled should make my device notify me. Or is this a bug? In which case - could someone please fix it?

Will the push notifications return to all devices or at least devices with very recent OS versions? Could this be enabled with a purchase plan for individuals or some sort of add-on feature?
I realize that my phone is an older model, but sometimes it’s not feasible to update devices just for one app - even if it’s a wonderful app.

Any clarification would be appreciated. Answers to these questions will be very helpful in revamping my workflow to include notifications in some shape or form. It seems a shame that a robust and visually attractive application doesn’t have this one important feature. As a solo-freelancer, deadlines and notifications are of the utmost importance.

Many thanks for this forum and your work on this product.


Hi @AmyHampton - so sorry for the delay here! We can understand your concerns around Android push notifications. As you may have noticed, a few other people have discussed this lately:

I reached out to our Android team at Asana and they’re interested in learning more. I’ll provide them with your details and ask if they can provide any information about the questions you’ve asked. If you’d like to submit a detailed report you can feel free to do so at .


I’d be happy to help them out. I’ll wait to hear from them so I can answer them with the information that’s helpful to them. Thanks for your help!


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