Push Notification issues, Samsung S5


So I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 (model SM-G900I) running Android 6.0.1, patch level: 1 March 2017

I can’t get notifications to work at all. I’ve worked through all the applicable items I could find on the community boards but to no avail.

Has anyone got any clues or a check list (that doesn’t include restart/reinstall as I’ve tried all that).



Hi @Bruce_Axtens!

Have you already checked this article from our Guide? https://asana.com/guide/help/android/basics#gl-push


Yes. I had not tried the screen widget so I added that. No effect. I then uninstalled the 3rd party launcher (Evie) and went back to the standard TouchWiz. Still no effect.

I am creating tasks using the REST interface. They show up in the browser but do not appear in the widget until I touch it, which takes me to the Asana app which then refreshes.


The weird thing is that other notifications work: Skype, UpWords, MouseHunt. Having rebuilt the phone I’m not getting many other notifications, but once I’ve got email setup again …


Thanks for the follow-up @Bruce_Axtens1. From what I understand, you’re creating tasks via the API, is that correct? Although created via the API, these tasks are still created from your account, which would explain why you’re not notified (in Asana, you don’t get notified about tasks you create yourself).

Can you confirm if you’re receiving notifications when someone else assigns you a task for example?


(in Asana, you don’t get notified about tasks you create yourself)

  Srsly? Oh right well that would explain a lot. Okay, I'll have to check that tomorrow (I'm at UTC+8 so it's almost bed time here)

Shall be in touch.


Okay, problem solved. I didn’t see the blurb (where is it exactly?) that says you don’t get notified about tasks you create for yourself. Granted, as I typed that last sentence it seems natural that one doesn’t get notified for self-created tasks. What tricked me was that I was creating the task from a command-line tool I’ve been developing.

So we can tick this as done. Thanks for your time, @Marie, much appreciated.


Great news @Bruce_Axtens; thank you so much for keeping me posted!

You should find the info in the “Asana tip” under the “Activity” Section of this article: https://asana.com/guide/help/email/email-from-asana

Have a great day! :slight_smile: