Allowing for duplicating of Project Templates

This worked! Open your template to use, select the drop-down menu next to the title of your template, and choose “Save as template”.

This is a great work around, thank, you Bijendra_Tandel!

So many people need this, and it’s been requested so many times over the past 2 years and it’s still not added? :exploding_head::exploding_head:


Found this 2 year old thread, thought for sure I would scroll down and find a solution - I’m shocked this hasn’t been implemented yet!


Can this please be implemented soon? Also shocked nothing has happened in 2 years!

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Desperate for this feature as well.

Also would like to see this feature. It feels pretty basic, and to take this long seems to be a choice by Asana not to do it rather than just a matter of time. Can other tools do this better?

Creating a project from the template and then turning the project into a new template is a decent workaround for something you’ll do rarely (that’s my opinion at least). By I agree it feels pretty basic.