Allow text formatting in Form fields

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Is it possible to allow text formatting (e.g. bold, italics, bullet points, etc) in form fields? I’m thinking of creating a form to allow a submitter to request that we publish a KB article for them, and if they were able to format the proposed article in a form’s field, it would save time – theoretically, we could simply copy/paste what they wrote into our authoring tool.




Hi @Brian_Anderson1,

Not right now. You can ask them to attach a file or provide you with a link to a Google Doc, Dropbox link, etc. Hope this helps!


Would be really helpful to have this feature!!!


Forms are one of the reasons we upgraded to Asana Premium. This feature would make them so much better and easy to use! Please send this feedback to the development team.

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On this topic - I would love, as the form creator, to have rich text options as I create the form. We use Forms to manage various types of employee requests. We often have resources with guidelines/“need-to-know” information that we want employees to have easy access to reference when filling out the form. It’d be great if we could hyperlink those resources in our forms’ descriptions.


This would be useful as I use the form feature to log meeting minutes. Would be good to bolden/italicise important information.

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It would also be helpful to have headers to allow introductions/descriptions of the questions in a given section. i.e. “Tell us about yourself” followed by name, email, etc.

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I’d love to see some improvements in text formatting within a form.

We currently have links in our forms to direct users to help documentation but right now they are just plain text and our users have to copy/paste them into a browser to access the documentation.

It would also be helpful if we could add sections in our form to break up the questions a bit.


Enable rich text formatting for form submissions.

  • Bold, italicize, or underline text
  • Add a numbered or bulleted list
  • Add, edit, or remove links

Asana enables rich text formatting in Task Descriptions. It would be useful for Asana Form submissions that require the Sumittor to emphasize points and structure complex descriptions (e.g. creative requests)— allowing teams to improve communicating ideas.

Good feedback! +1

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @ChristaClarke and thanks for sharing your feedback. I agree this would be very helpful.

I have found an existing feedback request for this topic so I have merged your post into this thread.
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