Allow text formatting in Form fields

Oh wait, never mind! I found it after trying yet again. Apparently I have to click the Description Field to see the formatting options! Oh my gosh…! Well, this is good news, at any rate.

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Thanks for asking this…yes…I finally found it, more precisely, “Add Question Description.”

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Hi there! Checking back up on this feature to see if there is a timeline as to when they will be adding rich text to form responses?

No update on this topic yet @Eryn_Aquino_Nonato but I will update this thread as soon as I have one!

Hi @Marie , just seeing if there is an update for this feature request?

Hi! It would SUPER helpful to my team to have this feature. Are there any plans for implementation? Thanks!

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Would love to get this implemented as well. We are using a form for people to submit content for newsletters and want to be able to apply formatting for things like subheads, italics for plant scientific names, etc.

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Its 2024 guys. Can we get this solved.

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agreed, would like to see this feature be implemented asap. Have to stay with Slack Forms until this is solved.

I guess make sure to have this prioritized ASAP? Don’t you see the 42 votes and many comments since 2021? I’m sure it’s not the only thread. Are you ignoring the community? Lazy excuses won’t do it.

Hi @Marie , Once this task is prioritized, will it allow form owners to put a placeholder in the rich text answer field? Or the field comes always empty?

Hi @Jefferson_Bezerra

Welcome to the forum. I think this is a great idea and I suggest you open a new post - product feedback so users can view and upvote it. It is slightely different from this thread of product feedback, so it would be good not to lose it.


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Hi @Rashad_Issa and @Marie

Are you ignoring the comments? Could you give an update on when you plan on prioritizing this or should I change back to Microsoft Forms? Thanks.

Hello @TNg,

We’re not ignoring comments on this topic, in fact that’s a request I’ve highlighted just a couple of weeks ago to our product team. As soon as this request gets prioritised I’ll post an update on this thread!