Character limit option in Form fields

It could be I’m the only one with this challenge, but I’m hoping not. For regular submissions, one of my project forms has two fields where the user is asked not to go over a character limit. (This is for Web banner ads.)

Three out of five times, I get form submissions with excess characters, end up going back to the stakeholder and asking them to revise the content, and it ends up taking a couple of additional cycles. We note character limits in the form field instructions, but we all know how well people read instructions. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Any way you guys could entertain adding an option to set a character limit under ‘Single line text’ and ‘Paragraph text’? What a time-saver that would be!



Silly humans :upside_down_face:

+1 from me. Asana forms needs A LOT of work. Hopefully this can be added in to an upcoming version.

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I’m test-driving using Asana forms to populate tasks rather than my legacy Zoho Forms / Zapier workflow. Not having a character limit is one of the biggest weaknesses I’ve found in Asana’s form implementation.

Our issue is similar to @Benae_Colbert’s issue. We are having partners submit proposed content for structured marketing materials and we have set character limits. We’re doing the same workaround of mentioning character limits in the instructions and hyperlinking to a character counter, but the user-experience for our partners would be better if we could force a character count.

Adding an “X characters remaining” function under the field would enhance the experience even more.

Came here to make the same suggestion. Including a character limit option for both the Single Line and Paragraph text would be immensely helpful.


Hoping to rekindle this request. Some better functionality in forms would be greatly appreciated. Would be great to allow designers to dictate whether questions are organized in more than just a singular column.

We’re using Asana forms more and more, because they are so darned convenient. So yeah, I’m constantly hoping we’re going to get a feature drop in this area!

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Would love to see this implemented! We use Asana forms for email deployments and having an option to enforce a character limit in text boxes where we ask for Subject and Preview lines would be helpful.

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