Custom Form Layouts in Asana

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Trying to figure out a way to fully customize the look and feel to our Asana Forms. Currently we’re using them create tasks and I’m trying to find ways to tidy everything up. Doesn’t Asana have an option for adjusting the code meet our needs. Should we integrate an add-on like Jotforms? Looking for any suggestions…

I get that my Revised Form isn’t completely piece for piece, but the main thing I’m looking to tighten up is Description Details.

Once I worked for a client and created a 120-question long form. This was a pain as well. We tried to use emojis as much as possible to structure the answer. Also sometimes on a “subquestion” we would add the main question topic as a prefix…

Does it make sense?

Another thing that could help: map some of the questions to a custom field.

We’re already incorporating custom fields into our forms, the problem I’m having is with controlling the layout within our tasks. Asana doesn’t appear to allow me to control the spacing paragraphs. I’m trying to adjust the formatting of our task to be blocked a certain way, much like how the information looks like in the Revised Form.

Yes this is indeed not possible at this time.

Would using a third party app like Jot Form help with this?

Any chance we’re seeing this change anytime soon? This kind of ridiculous, come on Asana, get with it already!!!

Hi @Nick_Cachiaras,

Forms are evolving continuously, but we don’t offer (yet) full custom layout. I’ll keep you posted here if this is something we decide to prioritise in the future. I’ve also moved your request to the Product Feedback to allow other community members to support your request.

Thanks Marie,

As I’m looking at this it appears that someone had similar question almost 3 years ago… Not trying to be so negative but is this really a priority because it’s sounding like people aren’t being heard. Our team is trying to our best to work within the boundaries, but for how long till we decide to move onto a different platform that actually supports these features.

[personal opinion] Asana does not have to do what people ask for all the time. They need to decide based on their resources, roadmap, vision and other priorities. I know it might be frustrating because And doesn’t share their roadmap, but the forum is definitely the right place to share your product feedback!


Hello @Nick_Cachiaras and thanks for the follow-up.

There are thousands of feature requests in the Forum (some of which are more popular than others), and we heavily rely on this feedback to build our roadmap. That said, as @Bastien_Siebman also outlines above, there are other factors, like business needs and resources (to take a few examples), that we need to consider. Forms have evolved drastically in the last couple of years (see some announcements here) and we’re not planning to stop here. So while I can’t promise if or when your request will be brought to life, I can ensure you it will be considered.

I will circle back on this conversation as soon as I have an update on this topic :slight_smile:

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