Markdown support for CSV imports (including bold font)

With Markdown now being supported as a new text editor for the description field, it would be AMAZING if the Import CSV process supported the same. This would allow information within the description field to have more structure through the use of bold, italic, bulleted numbered, etc

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us @LEGGO! I’ll make sure to share it with our product team so it can be considered in future updates.

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@LEGGO Has a very good point. I asked a while ago for the ability to do the above. It would be amazing to have this support with the CSV import.

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@Dave_Main don’t forget to vote above! :wink:

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@Emily_Roman can you merge Import bold font from .csv with this post?

Done! :white_check_mark: Thanks @LEGGO!

When importing a .csv template, is there any way to import font enhancements such as bold?

A .csv won’t allow for bold text but maybe there is a text code that needs to be in the .csv such that once imported, it will show up as bold in Asana.

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Welcome to the Community Forum @Jaime_Campbell and thanks for reaching out!

This is a great question and you are right. It’s currently not possible to add rich text when you import projects to Asana. I don’t believe CSV files can contain formatting so if you’re bolding something in an excel/google sheet and you’d like that to come across, it’s more a request to support .xls/google sheets formats as part of imports.

I’ve gone ahead and moved your request to our product feedback category to allow other users to upvote. I hope you don’t mind! I’ll let you know when I have more information about this feature :slight_smile:

Thanks again for sharing!

:white_check_mark: I think it would be great if imports were supported by xls or google sheets!!!

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Yes! Or if there were a bit of code that we could include in the .csv that Asana would interpret as rich text upon import.


Any update on adding rich text support to CSV uploads? Thanks.

Update on this? This would be fantastic