Allow subtasks to be added to additional boards

We have main tasks with the final deliverable. Some of these deliverables need to be cascaded/amplified to additional teams. As of now, I create subtasks for each team that needs to cascade/amplify this messaging so we know which teams have received it. Each team has their own board. Rather than making a new task for every cascade/amplification to each team’s board, I’d like to add subtasks for every team that the main deliverable needs to be communicated with. To do this, each of the subtasks needs to be added to the team’s board, so they are tracking that they need to amplify this through their channels.


Hi @Caroline_Tiesi,

Unless I’m misunderstanding the use case, you can do this now. When you create a subtask that needs to be reflected on a team’s board and are focused on that subtask, press Tab-P to expose the “Projects” field and select the team’s board as the project.

(You can also accomplish this in a list view by adding the “Projects” field as a column to the view.)


Here’s a visual example of what Phil describes: Editing a task across multiple projects I think you can use the “Trish and Bob” solution.

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