Allow projects created from a template to be added directly to specific teams again

The new Asana template update has made it so all projects started from a template are added to the “team” in which the template was created. In my case, I created templates under my organization’s “team”, which is creating an issue for my company’s project management systems.

We work with external clients so we use client “teams” to organize the internal- and external-facing projects for specific clients. With over 30 clients a.k.a 30+ teams, it is counterintuitive to start a project under the organizational team rather than the client team itself. It is not obvious on the project creation window that the “team” option is a dropdown, and also having to search through 30+ teams to add it to the correct one creates more work.

Can we please get back the feature that allowed projects created from a template to automatically populate under the team in which we are creating it?

Thank you

In your case it means identify the team next to the “+” button you used?

Yes, not only starting projects using “+” next to the team name, but also when clicking “new project” on the team page under “projects”.

I also just noticed that “add project” under the team in the sidebar nav is now gone as well.