Allow me to stop being logged out

My goodness how this is frustrating. How is this ever a thing? The only other app which does this is Microsoft teams and I hold deep hatred towards that thing already. Two years have been people asking for this “awesome” feature to be removed, how can you not comprehend that? Or at least respond to the forum post. Auto-logout more rigorous

The worst part is that this “security” feature is utterly useless because I login using a Google account so the biggest hoop an intruder has to get over is two clicks through Google authentication, so there is zero security added if the user already doesn’t care about it. This “security” excuse is so unbelievably irrelevant, what are you even trying to secure? People are sending important details either through secured messaging apps or insecure email anyway. Why would people hold any secrets on a work management platform?!

If anything the log out is prohibiting me from doing my work. I keep the tab open, and when there is a new message I get a notification. However, if I get logged out there is no notification about that. Then I spend usually four days without realizing I have been logged out, and my team is completely blocked for those four days because I never got any notification that they need help.

The whole UI is already confusing and complex enough for me to want to leave Asana as soon as I get the chance, but this is making me actively promote different management platforms.

Stop it! At the very least make it default, but I need to be able to opt out.

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