Asana Security Two Factor Authentication


Has there any conversation around allowing two factor authentication for asana.


+1 for this idea!



Everything should have it now


I would love to have this feature, is it on the roadmap?


This should be the most important feature addition for Asana’s Development team. Security is paramount.


Please add Two Factor Authentication ASAP. Everything is going to be on the cloud. Security is a must have for Cloud tool as Asana. Jira, Confluence and many other tools out there have already implemented this feature.


doesn’t look like its has any attention from asana. Pretty perplexing that we have to nudge them to add two factor as a feature in this day and age.


That would be a great feature.


I want this as well!


Another +1 for this.


Same here. Just have it tie in with Google Authenticator, no need to create everything from scratch. I am surprised this is still not rolled out as this thread has been going for over a year now…