Auto-logout more rigorous



I regularly leave my Asana account logged in, just shut the laptop and come back to it the next day. Most days there is no issue. Some days Asana tells me I need to log back in. There are a couple of issues with this:

  1. Why should Asana ask me to log back in some days and not others? I can’t see any pattern as to how it makes the decision that I need to re-authenticate.

In today’s case, I came back to Asana, clicked on Inbox, then on My Tasks, then opened a new task, then clicked on an image attachment, which opened full-screen, then closed the image attachment, and then Asana prompted me to log back in.

  1. If I needed to log back in due to inactivity, why did Asana let me view so many screens before making the decision I now need to log back in?

  2. What exactly are the rules governing when Asana decides I need to re-authenticate? After how much inactivity? Can I change related settings anywhere?


Hi @chris.rehberg and apologies for the confusion here! Due to security reasons, you will automatically be logged out every 15 days, but depending on your set up (ex: if you’re using SAML or Google to log in), it could be more frequent! Note that this has nothing to do with the fact that you’re being active/inactive.

Hope this helps!