How do I activate and receive multiple Alerts per task? For example:

Task 1:

  • 5 days before due date
  • 3 days before due date
  • due date
  • overdue (1 day after due date)

Hi @Raymund , if you’re on any paid plan, you can create Rules (automations) either within a project or with your My tasks.

The rule’s condition could be when due date is approaching then send a comment. And when due date is overdue, send a comment. The comments can contain customized text, including variables, so for example, you could always address the comment to the assignee of a task.

As long as you are either a collaborator or the assignee of that task, then you will receive a notification in your Asana Inbox. The same will apply for all other collaborators and assignees of other tasks that will be affected by your rule(s).

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Thank you Richard!

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