Affiliate Program



I couldn’t find the form via your link because of all the other information on the page. I now see it’s at the bottom below “Ambassadors”.

Thanks Tom Suberg!


Interested as well


Soooo, this topic dates from April and still no news on it?


Hi Sofie, News a couple weeks ago! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. That doesn’t sound like an affiliate program, though? Where can we find this extra information?

P.S. It’s a bit of a pain that I can’t comment more than once within a minute or so. Means I can’t check all the topics I’m following at once.


Hi Sofie,
Glad to hear you’re interested in getting more involved! The page has the background info for the programs we have in progress. The Consultants program is the offering we have that best aligns with the requests in this thread.

As for your question about posting - our community operates based on “trust” level. The more you visit and post in the community, then the more posting privileges you’ll have. You’re doing great! Keep up the good [Community] work :slight_smile:



Thanks for letting me know. I’ve signed up and will be curious to see what
this will become.


I too would be greatly interested in an affiliate program, if/when, Asana decides to promote it.


@Alexis, I am thrilled to hear of these new programs within Asana. I’ve applied to both, but truly believe I’d be the best fit for the Consultant program. Looking forward to learning more.


@Alexis it is so good to hear that affiliate / ambasador programs are on its way

We are a Non-profit organisation ( that promotes remote work in Poland and teaches managers how to organize and run distributed teams. Asana is the solution we are recommending right now and such program would be perfect!


Definitely interested in an affiliate program as well!


the guys are sharing 25% of the recurring fees for 2 years. Would rather give the business to Asana. Can we please talk.


Nathan I encourage you to submit your info at Thanks for your interest!

Partners Program

can you please explain why?


@nathen I guess Alexis assumed you want to become an Ambassador/Consultant and if that is the case you need to let yourself known by registering on :+1:


Hello @Alexis

Our company would be interested in such an affiliate/consultant program


I’d also like an affiliate link. I am putting together a course and pushing asana for project management.


Would be ideal for me if your affiliate program ran both natively in your dashboard somewhere and also via


Asana - you have an entire thread of people here (including me) that would LOVE to help you sell more subscriptions. Meaning - we would recommend and trumpet your product to others. That is like us selling for you. So an affiliate program, which is common with just about any subscription service today, would pay us for those referrals. The average payout is 20% of initial and recurring sale. THAT is a referral program. While I appreciate these other things you mention, they are NOT affiliate programs. It takes less than a day to setup this valuable sales tool for your company. So why is it a year later, we have no affiliate program???


You guys are missing out on a ton of money. An affiliate program will increase your bottom line. Period. If you need help setting it up, feel free to reach out.