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I have 5 users allowance what si great for our company. However we would like other people in the business to simply see the check list and click yes or no… they would not be using Asana like the 5 users, is this possible and not having to pay for full accounts.


Hi @jcbraz and welcome to the community!
Can you precise a bit the need for the additional people?
What do you mean by “Clicking yes or no”. Is it to follow-up on some tasks, have overview of some projects, or address a specific answer in a custom-field?

At first, I may be thinking of some integration that you can use for them to see the projects, but I think they will also requires an Asana account.


@Sebastien_Levesque I need people from other teams to comment if a task has been done o not. I dont mind them having an Asana account but they would only use it to keep an eye on tasks - so no point having a paid account.

Also trying to add new people and the email is getting stopped by anti spuffing - do you have an IP range that we can use to stop this from happening?

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If they don’t have an email address from your company, they would be considered as guest and you would not have to pay for them. @Marie do you confirm?

You should start a new thread about this topic.

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The problem is – they do work for our company but their need for Asana is only to click to say a project has been done. They do not
use all the features or create boards or anything like that. Only a few of us do this. We just want to be able to cross use the system with departments that have no need for it e.g the factory section of our business (we are manufactures) we need them to tick
goods have arrived so the next person can start the next job.

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Do you want them to prevent them from doing anything else then?


Hi @Bastien_Siebman,

Yes, if users don’t share your email domain, they will be considered as Guest. In a Premium Org Guest can be added for free (they won’t count toward your 5 seats allowance)!


The problem is they do have the same domain… is there a way we can sort that out?


Simply want them to login and lick if they have completed their task! They work in the factory so there is no need to have Asana for
their everyday use. Apart from update the tea that use Asana


Thanks for the quick follow-up @jcbraz,

Unless you can create a subdomain for them, in which case they will technically have a different domain and be considered as Guest, I’m afraid there is no way around this rule; you can learn more about it in the following article: