Affiliate Program



I’d be interested too!


It’s exciting to see this ongoing interest! Thanks for continuing to check in, everyone :slight_smile: cc @Sharrifah


@Alexis please keep me in the loop! Interested as well. Love Asana!


@Alexis I would also be interested in the affiliate program :slight_smile: Asana rocks!


I am also interested in the Asana Affiliate program. If you agree like this post :slight_smile:




Count me in for beta if it happens. I’ve done my fair share of recommending. Sub-tasks for the win! :slight_smile:


Please include me on the Affiliate Program as soon as it starts!


Hi @Alexis! Would absolutely LOVE to be part of an affiliate program! I teach my clients how to use Asana for daily productivity and project management, and have brought many to Asana this way.

As a small business owner, a little bit of affiliate income would be an awesome boost, as I already send so many to Asana as a go-to daily-use tool!

Is there any indication if / when an Asana Affiliate Program might start? I would absolutely want to be on board for this opportunity!



Please count me on the interested list!


Hi folks! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm :slight_smile: @Christiana_Yoder as for timeline, I’m unable to say, but it’s something that’s in the works now. We’ll keep you updated!


I’m interested in the Affiliate Program as well. As a consultant, I refer people to Asana and would like to benefit from it…


I would also be intereted - @Sharrifah @Alexis


Me too, already recommending to many, thanks! Hello, all, by the way. New to forum.


I’m game for the Affiliate program when it’s ready.


I would also be very interested - @Sharrifah @Alexis


Hello all! We now have a place for you to sign up to get more information :slight_smile: I encourage those of you interested in learning more to visit Thanks!


That looks like a link to the homepage of the community for which we already signed up. I cannot find any other topic on this matter. Can you be more specific on where to sign up, Alexis?


I think it is the ‘Asana Ambassador Application’. Right, @Alexis? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey there! We’ll have two upcoming programs for which you can gather more information. As the site states :wink:

  • As an Ambassador, you’ll get inside access to Asana, special perks, and resources to share with your community.
  • And for consultants: Build your business and empower your customers to get the most out of Asana with resources, training, and support.

Just fill out the form to learn more information :slight_smile: