Affiliate Program



Dear Asana wonderful team,

Please understand that Ambassador/Consultant program you created is great, but is not what we’re asking for!

In your own niche you have which really offers an affiliate program and payouts for every customer who bought coming from your site. This is what we are asking for!

We all know that this means increasing your sales without increasing your bugdet for that to happen. We (me and almost every other user who commented in this thread) have websites and we explain people why it is great to buy it. I have an online marketing software reviews site and we could both win if I could point to my Asana Affiliate URL in my review.

Waiting for the real Asana affiliate page.


Hi everyone.

Dear Asana team,

I fully support the recommendation for an affiliate program. Could you please give us update on the current status for this?

Affiliate earnings has quickly become an important source of income for many small businesses, and especially solo business owners. Many of us use Asana extensively, and I’ve recruited numerous people to use Asana. I will still do that, of course, because it’s great customer service, and people are grateful for the tip.

It would make a real impact, though, if an affiliate could make 20% off these “sales”. I really hope you will consider a proper affiliate program (because, as mentioned many times above, the options you’ve provided is unfortunately not that, at all).

All the best.


Count me in!!! What do I need to do to qualify and sign up?


Yes I’m on board with supporting an affiliate program as well!


Imho Monday (former dapulse) has the most awful marketing and culture I have ever seen in my digital life.

I hope Asana not take this organization as a paradigm :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s a good time to finally create this program!


I’m interested in this as well!


Add me in for affiliates when it becomes an option, please. :slight_smile:


Same here please :blush:!


Affiliate program would be fantastic!


Me too :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in joining a future affiliate program from Asana too!


Hello - i am also interested in an affliate programm. i use asana since years and i often tell to our clients. What do you need to insert me into the programm?


I am very interested in the referral program for my clients and the many courses I teach at the university’s. Please let me know when it is available


I see this is a really old request, but I don’t see any progress on an affiliate program. Unless I’m missing something? It would make using and promoting Asana further all the easier if there were also a financial incentive. Thanks!



Can someone please reach out and explain the progress of the affiliate program, or the reason why you are not interested in setting up the program.


I’m also interested. Has it been set up yet?


Not yet @Mike_Sarah_Beatty, but I’ll makes sure to keep you posted as soon as we do!


Just checking in to see if there has been any movement on the Affiliation program? I deal with a lot of companies who are looking at a better way of working together. Would be great if this became a priority


What about now, Marie? Is there some benchmark you guys need to make this project viable? Anything that we, potential partners, can do to help?