Advanced Search: Projects outside of search being returned


I’m running an advanced search on a particular project and I’d expect the search to only return tasks that were assigned to the defined project - apparently not with the Asana logic.

It appears that Asana will return the tasks assigned to a project and also return tasks they’re linked to in other projects - why? All I want is the tasks for that particular project?

Heres an example:

A search on Product Development produced a list of tasks in that project plus this:

Looking at the task further it has Product Development as some link in the top left of it:

Even though the task is assigned to another project:

Is this normal? Is this a catch-all for subtasks (the tasks are subtasks)?

Its got me scratching my head, I don’t think its great logic. If I wanted the other projects I’d set the advanced search up to do so… Your thoughts?

Can you share a screenshot of your search form filled please? Thanks!

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