Adding users to teams for which they already have limited project access

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I encountered an admin oddity and I can’t tell if it’s a bug, user error, or expected behavior.

The Problem
Most of the invites worked exactly as expected (new users were invited to join org & team, existing team members had no changes, existing users w/o team access were invited to team), but for users who were already members of the organization without team access but limited access to projects, they were not invited as full members of the team (i.e., nothing changed). So far this issue affected only one (out of 200+ total) person. I would have expected that the system would’ve seen them as a non-member with access to specific projects and upgraded them to a team member.

Another (possibly related?) oddity: this same user briefly ended up with two accounts tied to the same email. One of them got deleted (I believe by the system), but I can see an active and removed account for them in the admin console.

Steps to reproduce:

I just mass-invited a bunch of users to a team using their email addresses. This included some users who were already members of the organization but not the team, some users who were already members of the organization and the team, some who were members of the organization and not the team but had access to specific projects in the team, and some fully new users.

Browser version: Chrome 121.0.6167.160

What version of Asana are you using (Personal, Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, Enterprise+, Premium, Business or legacy Enterprise)? Enterprise

Upload screenshots below:

Sounds like a bug to me as well

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Hi @Stephen_Li, thanks for flagging this, and sorry for the trouble. This is odd, indeed, especially the fact that the account was duplicated and then deleted. Since this would require access to account details, our Support team would be the best point of contact to assist you.

Can you please file a request with our Support team by going to > clicking the chatbot icon at the bottom of the page?

To expedite the request, feel free to type in “speak to an agent” in the chat, and this will skip a few steps.

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