Admin Console - User Team Settings

Hi All, Just would like to see an update to the Admin Console > Members > Profile Settings > Team Access > User Team Settings.

Right now it displays which teams the user currently has access to but this is inaccurate information. It does not differentiate between an actual team member or a person who is just part of say 1 project within that team. I see this as a bit of a security hazard for us admins, how do we know by looking at the admin console if that person is part of the team at the team level or if they are just a collaborator of a project in that team.

Looking forward to some fix for this without having to go to that actual team and checking that they are collaborating and not a part of that actual team.

Example: This person I know for a fact is not at our team level only on 1 project within that team.


Hi @Cally_McIntyre , I found this quite interesting so I tested it out :slight_smile:

As per the below image, if the user is a :

  • Member of a project within the team = button is faded out
  • Member of the team, irrelevant of being a member of a project within that team = button is with a green checkmark)


It’s interesting that when you hover over the faded out button, there is a tool tip that appears blank. I’m guessing that it would try to explain the above :sweat_smile:

Now in your case, from what you explain, your button should be faded out, but its clearly not. So that might be a bug or the user is not entirely removed from the team? Can you try removing them completely from the team and then just add them to the project again, see if that works…?


Thanks for your input Richard. Not sure if it matters, but I am on a Divisional Enterprise plan.

I do have the greyed out buttons for teams that are not on the plan with that same user. But for the one that is not greyed out, I checked and they are not at Team Level, only a collaborator on a subtask (and Update: not on Project Level either).

I removed them from the team and don’t really want them as paid user. I can confirm this is happening with other users as well. Where they are only project or task-based users and still show up on the console as belonging to that team.

Still would like a way as an admin to know if they are belonging to an actual team or not, or just working on projects within that team. The only work around is to go to that team and visibly see who is a “Member with access to specific projects”.


Hi @Cally_McIntyre , that’s interesting and I’m not sure that the Division plan has something to do with this. At this point, it might be best for you to contact Asana support to get a definitive answer and understand why this is happening with other members.

Unless perhaps the expert on Divisions, @Julien_RENAUD can shed some light?


Hi I think there is no link with divisions.
I also tested and indeed it’s weird, @Marie have you noticed that?


No I haven’t @Julien_RENAUD and I don’t have a demo space set up with a Division, so the best thing to do here is probably to reach out to support as suggested by @Richard_Sather :slight_smile:

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@Marie I tried in a normal org and it is the same.
I invited someone in a project, not in the team, but according to the admin console this user is in the team.
I have a division demo space if you want me to make some additional tests.

I am running into this same issue as well - adding an organization member as a task assignee to a project is for some reason also automatically assigning them to the team (even when, during the project sharing process, I de-selected the “Add invitees to team” box yet it is still counting the organization member under “Members with access to specific projects” for that team).
As a result, our paid team (where I created the project using a template built using Business-tier paid features) is saying that the team is “over its member limit”, even though I never added the other organization member to the paid team.

Any solutions to this? Thanks in advance!