Adding time length to tasks (for Timeline)

Agree. Would really like to see this feature. Use case: I’d create a ‘Template’ project once for a repeated series of related tasks like creating a newsletter etc. Then I’d just drop it onto the timeline and shift the start date to wherever I’d like it with drafting, editing, review, graphics, and layout durations all remaining constant. This would save an enormous amount of time vs. individually scheduling each task.


HI Adam, I too am using both SMartsheets and Asana and it’s definitely a pain when “redoing” them in Asana. May I ask, why are you not just using smartsheet?

Lack of support for time length in tasks is a complete show-stopper for my team.

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Long time IT project manager here, first time Asana user.

My company is looking at moving all our project management to Asana, I’ve volunteered to build a few projects and templates using Asana, but I’ve run into this topic’s massive issue first up.

Stupid new user question: what is the point of Asana if you can’t assign duration and dependencies on tasks?

Is this really meant for non-project management or non-IT professionals who don’t have any idea of how long tasks will take or how each tasks impacts other tasks and really just want a nice to-do list?

Am I missing the point entirely of this tool?

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Update: found this article showing some detail on using the gantt chart, but basically, if you want a waterfall approach, stick with MS Project, if you want an Agile approach, Asana has the capability:

This topic doesn’t seem to have any traction since Nov 2019. Can anyone answer at least the question of; are Asana working towards adding in a Start Time & End Time for each task?

Currently this is our biggest pain point in our company.


I’d really like to see native task duration. Seems would help with time tracking, even the plugins. And it’s a more natural when setting up some of these auto-shifting tasks for dependencies: You shouldn’t need to put in the planned dates, just durations, then the auto-shifting will take care of things on its own.

Eager to see movement on this as it’s clearly desired, and also getting largely ignored!