Adding Tasks to Multiple Projects - Custom Date Columns

I have a main project that a department has sight of. From that main project, I am adding tasks to an individual’s project however the custom field (date columns) that I have created are not pulling through in the column list view.

however when I expand the task to view all info, the field is there showing the correct information and it is also duplicated with no information, hard to explain.

Can anyone advise why my custom fields are doing this with my tasks in multiple projects? The original one in original project is fine and not duplicating…help please

You need to:

  • edit the custom field and check “add to library”
  • in the second project, go to Customise > fields > Add the field from the library

Then it will show in both projects.

Hi Bastien,

Thank you so much, that has worked and now “order date” is showing in list view on the task in both projects however when I expand that task, some of the fields are duplicated as below, as you will see the first order date is as it should be and then I have another order date that is empty and shouldn’t be there – any suggestions? A few of the other fields are also duplicating, there should only be one of each of the below fields as there is only one of each columns.




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