Project list fields - duplicates & cannot remove

As per the screenshot of my project, I’m experiencing 2 issues (outlined below).
Tasks are added to my project through submission of an Asana form

  1. Certain form fields are being duplicated in the project task. “Report due date” is connected to “Due date” but it’s still displaying as a field in the task list and is duplicated

  2. When attempting to remove the field, I don’t see the “edit options → delete field” as per other fields. I only have the option to select a date.

Appreciate if anyone can provide help to resolve

these issues.

I am both the form & project owner, so unsure why I’m restricted from making these changes. Thanks

Welcome, @Raffaella,

To clarify, you have two Custom Fields that have the same name (note: Custom Fields, not “form fields”).

In the project, click the Customize menu on the right side top, then find the first Report Due Date in the list (click Show more fields if necessary) and hover it, then click the pencil icon to edit. You should see Remove from Project and Delete field buttons in the bottom left of the dialog. (This is a different view than you show in your screenshot which is why you’re setting the date, not editing the custom field there.)

Do the same with the second Report Due Date field.

I’m guessing maybe one is an org-wide Custom Field and the other is local to this project.

Hope that helps,



Hi Larry - that’s a huge help!

As this project was copied from another, I could see the fields were being duplicated because they were active across both projects - I didn’t think to check this!

Wasn’t aware of the org-wide Custom Fields either!

Thanks so much for the guidance :+1: