duplicates of fields appearing in ASANA tasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: All of our field properties are duplicating twice in each project task UI

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: Latest Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Mitch_Richards, welcome to the forum and sorry for the trouble here! Let’s try to solve this together!

  • Can you confirm if the task is part of more than one project? If your task is part of two projects that have identical custom fields added to each project, you will see both fields in your tasks.
  • Can you confirm if you experience this issue on tasks or subtasks?
  • Does the issue persists across multiple projects?

Looking forward to your reply!

@Emily_Roman Are you sure about that? I’ve tested it, and I do not reproduce the behavior that Mitch is showing or you are describing. I have added Global Custom Fields to numerous projects, namely:

  • %Complete
  • PriorityDD
  • TargetAssignee

For any Project A and Project B, both of which have my standard fields above added, I do NOT see the field appearing twice in a task.

@Mitch_Richards Can you confirm that for your fields which are appearing twice (Tier, Track Type, Product Type, Language), whether you’re using

  • Global Custom Fields (i.e. fields you create just once for your organization and then reuse on projects as needed, OR
  • Project-Specific Custom Fields (same field name recreated individually in every project)?

If you’re not currently using Global Custom Fields, I would recommend switching to that, as I suspect it will fix this issue.

Hi Emily

Yes, the tasks are part of more than one project - the problem here is that some team members do not see duplicate fields, whereas others do, which is what was making this difficult to replicate.
The issue is on tasks
Yes, the issue persists across multiple projects.

Hi Stephanie

Thank you for your response.

I suspect the fields are global custom fields, as the same ones are used across all projects. Is there a sure fire way that I will be able to find out which they are?

As mentioned in my above reply to Emily, only certain team members are seeing the duplicate fields - for other team members, they are not seeing the duplicates.

Many thanks for your advice.



Thanks for the extra information @Stephanie_Oberg! My hunch is also that the fields are project-specific and not global, that’s why I was curious to know if the task was part of more than one project. If you create two identical project-specific custom fields, the task will show both fields. You are right, this will be different if the custom field is global.

Thanks for confirming @Mitch_Richards! You can check if the fields are global if the box “Add to (Organization’s name) field library” is ticked. You’ll need to access the field settings to see this information.

If the fields are added to the Organization’s library and they are still showing as duplicate, I recommend you to contact our Support Team as they will be able to have a closer look at your project setup. Please send them the project URL and the URL of this thread.