Bug? Project template fields duplicating when moving tasks from one project to another

I have two projects that both use the Asana sprint planning template. This template has fields such as “cost”, a numerical value. When I move the task from one project using this template to another, all of those fields are duplicated. I have attached a screen shot showing a test task where I filled in these default fields in a new task in one project, then added the task to the other project that uses the exact same template, and all of the field now are duplicated.

“Cost” is a custom field, right? To prevent seeing a Cost field twice, you must make sure to save one version of the field to your field library (which you should see as an option when creating the field). Then reuse that exact field.

Since you now appear to have 2 custom fields with the same name, the way to fix it is:

  1. rename the one you want to get rid of as “CostXXXX” or some such (if you have more than one to get rid off, give each a separate name to lessen confusion)
  2. rename just 1 version of “Cost” as “CostKEEP” global (i.e. save it to field library)
  3. make sure all projects have the “CostKEEP” field
  4. migrate your data from CostXXXX to CostKEEP as needed in every project where both appear
  5. delete CostXXXX wherever it appears
  6. rename CostKEEP as Cost (in the…erm…field library; one time action affects the field in all projects where it appears)

…and you’re done.

Migration can be manual (i.e. brute force retype or copy/paste), but if that is daunting due to scope, you should be able to set up export/edit/import. Good luck!

NOTE: I understand that both projects with the “Cost” field have been created from a template, so logically, they should have used the exact same field. They did. However, if the field is not in the field library, it will be treated as project-specific with the results you describe.

TL;DR: Field library is the solution. All fields in a template should probably be in the field library.

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