Adding task to Asana from Outlook


I am trying to use outlook asana add in feature and I have the following questions -

  1. When we add in a task from outlook using the “Create asana task” option, currently there is an field to add in a due date, but is there any provision to add in the start date of a task as well ?
  2. Is there any option to also select the relevant section of the project while creating a task from outlook?

It would be great if some knowledge is shared on these areas, if not shared already.


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Hi @Kannathal_Lakshmanan, I know this is a 3rd party app, but with zzBots you can automatically sync the event from Outlook to Asana with the start date and due date. Our system syncs all Microsoft Outlook events by default, but if you like, zzBots can filter to only sync the events by a certain category or such.

Here is a link to the default Bot Pack:

Here is a link to the Bot Pack that allows you to filter events by a certain category: