Syncing Individual Outlook Calendar Events into Asana

Hi there! I see lots of articles on syncing entire Outlook calendars into Asana but I am wondering how to sync an individual calendar event into Asana.

Context: my manager schedules specific events in her Outlook calendar that I need integrated into a specific Asana board. Instead of having her schedule the meeting in Outlook AND creating the task in the Asana board, I’m wondering if there is a way for her to go into her Outlook event and sync it to the Asana board.

Thank you so much for your help in advance!

Doesn’t look like you got a reply, but thought I’d put this info in here for others to stumble across…

You can create a link between Outlook and Asana using Zapier.

  • Set the trigger to be when an Outlook Calendar Event is created.
  • Set the Action to create a task under a section of a specific project.
  • Map the Event Subject to the Task Name,
  • Map the Meeting Details to the Task Description Field
  • map the Event Date to the Due Date.

The automation takes about 3-5min to run after a new event is created on your calendar.

It’ll default to “Recently Assigned” under your My-tasks" where you can then move it to an appropriate section.