Syncing Individual Outlook Calendar Events into Asana

Hi there! I see lots of articles on syncing entire Outlook calendars into Asana but I am wondering how to sync an individual calendar event into Asana.

Context: my manager schedules specific events in her Outlook calendar that I need integrated into a specific Asana board. Instead of having her schedule the meeting in Outlook AND creating the task in the Asana board, I’m wondering if there is a way for her to go into her Outlook event and sync it to the Asana board.

Thank you so much for your help in advance!

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Doesn’t look like you got a reply, but thought I’d put this info in here for others to stumble across…

You can create a link between Outlook and Asana using Zapier.

  • Set the trigger to be when an Outlook Calendar Event is created.
  • Set the Action to create a task under a section of a specific project.
  • Map the Event Subject to the Task Name,
  • Map the Meeting Details to the Task Description Field
  • map the Event Date to the Due Date.

The automation takes about 3-5min to run after a new event is created on your calendar.

It’ll default to “Recently Assigned” under your My-tasks" where you can then move it to an appropriate section.


I’ve successfully configured everything except for the task duration.
The duration should be calculated between the start and end times of the meeting.
Do you know in which format I can integrate this via Zapier? Could you assist me with this?

Up until now, I’ve only been able to set a fixed one-hour duration for tasks.
My objective is to dynamically determine the duration of the Asana task based on the start and end date/time of the meeting.
However, I haven’t found a reliable way to add this feature to the Asana task.


I am very interested in the response to this point.

Just for your information,
if needed, I found the solution for the duration of my task using Zapier.
By creating a first step: ‘compare the start date and end date,’
and then a second step: ‘convert this difference into minutes’.

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I’m not a fan of using Zapier in-between but glad you found this solution. I do use Zapier as it seems to be the only way to get some things linked and most of the time it works fine but just adds another layer of complexity.

Have you found a way of manually just sending an Outlook event to Asana? (Similar to how you can add emails from Outlook to Asana with the add-in)

Thanks for the update. I’m sure some will find it useful.

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Hi guys! I am with zzBots! I found a simple solution to Priyanka’s problem specifically. Using zzBots, you can simply specify a category on your event in Outlook and only that event will sync over to Asana.

I created a Bot Pack that is very easy to set up and has step by step instructions with images on the Bot install page.

Asana Premium is required to sync both “Start” and “Due” dates, So for those of you who don’t have it, I built a Bot Pack for you guys as well.

If you run into any issues feel free to contact us on our website!

Here is a link for Premium users:

Here is a link for Non-Premium users:

me too, i’m not fan to use another layer but it is not natif with Asana

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