Adding Task To Another Project Does Not Link Status

Hi there! I apologize if this has been posted before, but I am wondering about the "add to another project rule. I have the “add to another project” rule running within the “My Tasks” area so that anything assigned to me will be added to a project called “Giselle’s Tasks” that I have shared with my boss.

I have been working out of “Giselle’s Tasks” primarily as I am able to share it with my boss and I can see tasks from other projects as well as individual tasks. However, the issue is that when I update the status of the tasks within Giselle’s Project, the status is not updated in the tasks from which that task comes. For example, if Task X is assigned to me in Project Space A, it will go to My Tasks. Due to the rule in My Tasks, Task X will then be added to the Giselle’s Tasks project. When I mark Task X complete in Giselle’s Tasks, Task X’s completed status is not shown within Project A or My Tasks.

Is there some way that I can link tasks assigned to me so that the task status is reflected if I mark Task X complete in Giselle’s Tasks? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Not sure if you know this or not but you can share your My Tasks view with people directly. Though, I can see where sharing a project with your tasks would be better since it supports more functionality than My Tasks alone.

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Hi @Giselle_DeGrandchamp
By “task status”, are you talking about the completing button of a task ? Or are you talking about a custom field with a drop down menu?

If you click on “complete task” then it should appear as completed in all projects the task belongs to, and in MyTasks also.

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Hi Julien! I am sorry for not being clear! By “task status,” I am referring to the complete button of the tasks! I am clicking complete on tasks within “Giselle’s Projects,” but the tasks are not being marked as complete in any of the other projects, even though the tasks should all be linked!

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When you open one of those task, do you confirm they appear as belonging to several projects?
For instance, “TEST” task is belonging to Projet A and Projet B.


Hi Julien! I updated my Asana app and everything is working now! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Ok great :ok_hand: