Adding multiple Collaborators to Tasks at the same time

As someone has suggested: if you have premium or business features then you can set up a dummy project with a rule to add certain collaborators when task is added to the project. Then you can simply multi-home any task to the dummy project :smiley:

Any updates on this?

This is sad, I am constantly trying to get my group to move away from Asana for this main reason. Slack practically gives me all the features I actually need and the fact that this has not been added after years of it being asked is an embarrassment to a “project management/organizing” company. Not even sure how the company is still in business.

Does that feel harsh, proof me wrong, I would love it

Hi @Sara, we really need this feature. Is there something new in development?
Thank you

Any updates on this? We have up to 100 people that might need to be added to a task for an update at any given time. This is a critical feature. I see that @Finn_Stenberg provided an interesting work around but it requires manual updating of a rule when people leave a team. That doesn’t work at scale. Any help would be appreciated Asana :slight_smile:

We have dealt with this by making a task that mentions each group’s names so we can copy and paste them into the description or a comment to add them to a task. We’ve used a keyword (#addteam) for search to get to the task quickly.

It’s not perfect but it’s better than doing it the long way. I’m really hoping Asana comes up with some solutions for this.

I have been receiving this feedbacks from our clients as well!
Wish we could add collaborators by groups.