Adding multiple Collaborators to Tasks at the same time

Hey @Peter7, thank you so much for this great question and for providing extra context on why this would be beneficial to your workflow.

I am afraid that this is not currently possible and Collaborators would have to be added one by one, however we already have an existing thread with the same request. I have merged them together to allow for more people to easily find this request, please feel to leave a vote on it.

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+1 for this feature. It is often the case where we need to add an entire team as a collaborator to a task.

:cool: Idea

+1 for this feature
I understand the logic of only being able to assign a task to a single person (even though a task might require a team) but it should be possible to add a team for follow a task. The fact that you can have multiple collaborators already implies that more than one person needs to be updated on a task, so its obvious that adding a team should be possible

This would be a huge help - agreed this feature is a must.

Ta ta ta todayyy asana implement this already

@Edda why does Asana still wait? It must be super easy for you. Asana will win a lot of hearts. Now, those hearts are broken.

I really would like to see this feature too. I don’t understand why it is so difficult for ASANA to implement. I have been reading several other threads recently about requests that are seemingly simple to implement (such as preventing team members from changing due dates) and the response is always “ASANA is onto it” but that response continues for a couple of years with no progress made. Am beginning to get quite disillusioned with the ASANA. Listen to your customers please!

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Currently you can assign one task to several people, if you have a task you want to assign to 10 persons, then the system copies 10 similar tasks and assign to all 10 people which is not the way it should be.

I still believe the best way should be that the system will only link the task (not copy) to all 10 people, as we link a task to different projects as it works today in Asana, it should never copy 10 new tasks.


It has been 2 years - I feel like we are all begging for this feature. I will beg, send you caffeine, send you more $$. What will it take to get this? Using this as a replacement to email communications is literally impossible without being able to group collaborators. Example: I have a task that whenever I create the entire acquisition team should be collaborators. That is a group of 9 people. When I create a task for that team, it is usually a series of 4-6 tasks. That is a lot of ADDING collaborators to get the desired result. In turn, we use outlook and bypass Asana once again, causing adoption issues of Asana across the organization.

How about we get some concrete feedback at least as to why the platform can not do it or if it ever will?


It looks like you can now use Rules feature to automatically add certain people as collaborators/collaborators when you add a task to a specific field, so they definitely have the capability to create collaborator/collaborator groups since they’re now offering to automate them. The problem is that you can only customize Rules if you have Asana Business. It would be nice to see a simple ‘Add Collaborator Group’ function for regular accounts.


Hi there, Is it possible to add the whole team as collaborators to a task?
It’s possible to duplicate and assign to the whole team. It would be nice to have this function also within collaborators in a task.
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Hi @SylviaW

It is not possible to add a whole team as a Collaborator to a Task, it has to be done individually.


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Hi @SylviaW, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We already have a feedback thread about this topic, I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Adding multiple Collaborators to Tasks at the same time to consolidate feedback!

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+1 on adding a feature to allow us to add groups as collaborators to Asana. It is extremely tedious and time consuming to add every single individual to each task.


We are wondering if this could apply also to rules. For instance “adding task to this project, add followers”.

Today we have to manually add about 50 people to each project and rule.
Is there a way to copy followers from another rule from another project?

Another thing noticed, if one of the collaborator mentioned in the rule are removed from Asana the complete rule stops working and no one of the remaining collaborators will be added to the task.

Adding a whole team to a rule would be nice aswell.

Not having an “add group” to easily separate and communicate to your teams seems like an oxymoron for a software that emphasizes organization and communication efficiency.

Why after all these years has Asana not added this?!?!? This seems like it should have been one of the foundational tools from the very start of this software.

This issue gives them a BIG thumbs down!

I have to spend 30 minutes adding people when it should take 30 seconds.

It would be useful if subtasks could automatically inherit the collaborators of their parent task. Easier to delete collaborators than re-input the list for each new subtask.

… even being able to paste (e.g. ctrl-v) in a list of team members, into the collaborator list widget, would speed things up.

We are also looking for this function. It seems as if it has been four years since the first mention of multiple collaborators. @Asana - do you plan to incorporate a multiple collaborator or at-channel function?? I’d also like to do this in a list of the same tasks for all the included tasks.