Added Tags Not Showing Up

@Leyla_Mehdizade, please reach out to our support team with the following information:

  • Name of the Tag you have created
  • Tag URL (to get this URL, search for your tag in Asana’s search bar, click on the tag (you should see the list of task where this tag has been applied) and copy the URL in your browser

Unfortunately, this is not something I can troubleshoot individually in the Forum. Thank you!

Just wanted to share my workaround for a scenario, where you’d like users in your organization to assign tags created by you but they can’t find them on the list:

  1. Create all tags you want to share
  2. Create a placeholder task and indicate in its title and description that it must not be deleted
  3. Assign all tags created in the first point
  4. Make the task public - available to all users in your organization

This way there’s always going to be at least one task with the relevant tag assigned to it and the user will have access to it.
It’s not ideal as there’s a risk someone will delete the task, but you’ll get notified and can always undelete it or recreate it.

Hope this helps!