Add "tasks that I have assigned" filter/view + ADD Privacy Control between 2-party tasks


Has this been discussed before? @MattBramlage

I’m finding that the ability to filter “all the tasks that I have assigned,” combined with all the other filters could be huge and solve a lot of my current headaches, including DIRECT MESSAGING 1-to-1

For example-- instead of devising a brand new Direct Messaging interface-- I could in fact utilize the existing core functionality; however I would need the ability to filter for “all tasks that I haver personally either created or assigned” then I can easily check and see if my direct “messages” have been responded to;

I can leave the “message” (task) in the person’s personal inbox // and I will need the function/choice to make the permission of that task “private to that person and ME ONLY”

^this is necessary to make it a private message (task), otherwise everyone else will be able to see this task/message

This utilizes the current core functionality to solve a very needed feature, one that forces many users to exit the app; it only adds an additional filter “tasks that I have assigned” as well as an additional feature “ability to change permission on/off when assigning tasks in someone else’s inbox”


To clarify, Asana does currently enable people to search for tasks they’ve assigned to others. This is the first search option as you’ll see in the image below. And advanced search will allow you to search for tasks you’ve assigned in even more detail.

Also, it sounds like you’re concerned about privacy. At this time you can make any task, project, or conversation private to you and/or the followers and people @ mentioned. For example, my 1:1 project with my manager is private to the two of us. You can also update the notification settings for everyone following your task/project/conversation.

Regarding changing permissions when assigning tasks to someone else, thus far we have had success simply asking. Just last week someone said, hey, can you change the permissions on this? And I did. Simple as that. :slight_smile:

Examples of search and advanced search: