Is there a way to see all private uncompleted tasks?

I have to move my tasks to another company so I would like to see all my private tasks in this company that i haven’t completed yet. Is there a way anyone knows of?

thnx in advance!

Hello @Frans_Reitsma, welcome to Asana Forum,
Could you specify what do you mean private tasks? You mean:

  • all uncompleted tasks assigned to you but without access (you are only one collaboratior) for others
  • all uncompleted tasks assigned to you?
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I meant the tasks I created for myself which are not shared with anybody else

Thanks for clarifycation. All tasks created by you and assigned to you, you can find using advanced search (“created by” field you can get froma “+add filter” option) like this:

I can’t find filter for privacy or “only one collaborators”. I hope this will help.

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I already found that option, I was looking for a way to find only the private stuff …

Inside “In projects” you can type “No project”, would that help?

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Hmm that still doesn’t do what I want. I also created tasks in projects that only i can see so i would like to find those too…

Unfortunately I can’t find solution for that but maybe it is enough for you to search for all tasks created by you and assigned to you?

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