Add task with custom fields already entered


My tasks always include 3 custom fields: “ETA” “HOURS EST” and "


Add task with custom fields already entered (try again since edits not allowed!)


If you create your tasks within a project that has those three custom fields, then each new task in that project will automatically have your project level custom fields. If you create a task, from your My Task section and not identify a project to place it in, then you will need to add the custom fields for every task that you create.

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Was looking for a way to have a preset VALUE in the custom field.

For example, custom field “STAGE” always end up being “DONE” so it would
save time if that value could be set in a new task when it is created.

How about ASIGNEE? Can that be set to me by default?

Finally, is there a way to have today’s date appear in a task when


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If your custom fields are going to remain the same, would it be easier to use tags rather than custom fields? Currently, there is no way to autopopulate custom fields, but tags are rather easy to use and you can use them in advanced searches just like custom fields. Once you set up a tag they will populate as you type them in so it might be quicker to add them than the custom fields. Feel free to use the Product Feedback section of the forum to suggest new features that you are interested in. Other forum users will be able to vote on your suggestions.



@webguy262, maybe you could use Duplicate Task… instead of creating a new task. You could keep a “model” task (or several varieties) with those values/assignment set as you like and then duplicate-then-modify instead of always creating anew.


My tasks always include 3 custom fields: “ETA” “HOURS EST” and " STAGE." And then there is the ASSIGNEE field. STAGE and ASSIGNEE is always the same. Is there a way to have the value of these fields prefilled when I add a task?


No, unless a new task is created by duplicating another task. Custom fields don’t have default value (yet).