Add Rule Action - Remove assignee and remove due date

One of our projects is tracking the process for which a content idea, goes through the process of being written, edited, proofed, approved, translated and finally ready for distribution. Each piece of content is on a single task. This task is not only on our production plan project, but also on the various marketing channels for the channel owners to use once they are done. But not all of the channel projects have completed projects viewed, so when they are completed they disappear and the channel owners don’t know that something is missing. So we want to keep it incomplete, but no longer have it on the approving managers task list.


Your title talks about removing assignee and due date. Your text talks about the completion status. Which one is it?

The rule you could have is WHEN task completed THEN post a comment pinging the manager. Alternatives are to add the task to another project private to the project owner, or choose a specific custom field value or assign to him etc.

Hi! I’ve been trying to find a way to make a rule that states the following:

“When the task is moved to a certain section, due date is set to nothing” or “when attachment added to task, due date is set to nothing”

This is very important as I have an integration that moves my tasks to a “past-due” section when the due date has passed and I’d like to avoid having to manually remove the due date from the due date field, as that gives room for human error (by leaving the due date as is even though there shouldn’t be a due date after the attachment has been uploaded). A possible workaround is to set a rule that the due date is very far off, so let’s say a year later, but it just seems like a tedious workaround that should be much simpler.


Hi @Management_Niido, thanks for reaching out!

We currently offer a Rule to automatically add due date but not to remove it. We already have a thread related to this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Add Rule Action - Remove assignee and remove due date to centralize feedback. Please don’t forget to upvote :slight_smile: I’ll make sure to keep you posted if I have any news about this feature.

Ah I see, might there be an integration to be able to do this though? :thinking:

Hello, any plan to update this rule to allow removing due date?

It supports adding days also with negative values.

Thank you

I guess, I stopped my comment in mid-thought. So the idea is instead of having the tasks marked complete we would like them to live in perpetuity. But at the end of the process, the last person has to manually remove themselves and the due date. This is after they have changed the custom field “production status” to “done”. I would like a rule that would say when production status = done, then change assignee to nobody and change the due date to none

Thank you – I added more context to get to the point I was trying to make. We currently do have a rule that tells the last person to remove themselves and the due date - but it seems that this is something that could be automated.