If a Due date isn't set when added to a project/column, rule to set a due date for a certain period of time

Members of my team keep forgetting to set Due Dates on the tasks. When it moves into my board, which I rely on Time Line, the tasks don’t appear because they are unscheduled.
When looking at rules, the triggers only include:

  • New due date set
  • Due date is removed

I’m missing a

  • Due date is empty

I can then use the Action to set the due date for x days in the future and it will then be visible on my board. It saves me time having to select each task, find out when it is due for (based on a holiday season) and set the date for that task.

Hey @Clare4,

I just tested this again and for me it works the way you need it when you set the rule trigger to “Due Date is removed” which basically also triggers for any tasks added to a project without any due date.

Test rule:

Task has been updated:

Can you test this please?

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I have just tested this and it works. It wasn’t clear that “removed” means “also empty”.

Thanks, that will really help me!

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Yeah I agree this is a bit confusing and should maybe be renamed.

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I am also trying to set a rule for tasks without a due date set and am struggling to make anything work. I’ve tried your suggestions and only when I enter a date and then delete it from the task, will the rule run.

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