Add Microsoft Teams function to send notifications when task is approaching to user directly via email or teams

Right now the MS teams integration only sends channel updates, but give us an option to message the user directly within teams or email.

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Thanks for your feedback, @Javier_Espinosa! We don’t have immediate plans to implement this feature, but we will make sure to let you know if we have any news in the future!

Are you wanting it so that when something specific happens you can have it automatically send a teams message? When would you like to have the ability to send directly to teams. Just wondering if there are some workarounds using rules and comments that could help you out while you wait to see if it gets implemented?

I’m wanting Asana to send a message directly to the person who is assigned in the task. Currently it only sends a message to the “Channel” not the person. There is no workaround for this as I can tell…

Are you wanting it to send the message when the task is assigned? What would you like to be the trigger? Or just any updates to the task send a teams message to let them know?

Just thinking about some potential workarounds using rules to help.

Hi Paige,
Yes I would like the MS teams integration to send a message when a task is assigned(1 function) and then when a item is due/upcoming, also send the message to the person directly. Right now it sends a message to a designated channel but not a person individually.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a workaround to allow it to send a message directly to teams. I’ve been encouraging my team to monitor their inbox. You can set up some rules so that when due date is {x} days it makes a comment.

You can also have your settings so that when directly tagged in a message or assigned you get an email notification. But I’ve found that a combination of rules and utilising the asana inbox is really helpful to keep track of everything happening.

Agree, would really like a rule that allows us to set up notifications for specific people via Teams. This would be hugely helpful with changing user behavior and getting people to go to Asana to do their work.

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